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Friday 16th September See below We have invited schools and nurseries to attend events run by two well known children’s authors. However, if you are a home educator and would like your child to take part in one of these sessions please book your spaces through
Friday 16th September Blackfriars Theatre PE21 6HP # Jill Newton Morning or afternoon sessions available. £3 per child. One free adult place per child but please book a seat! This is suitable for 3 and 4 year olds and young 5 year olds. Jill is an award winning author and illustrator so expect some musical accompaniment, story reading and a wonderful journey through your children’s imagination, culminating in an illustration by Jill. Jills latest book is ‘Around the World on Eighty Horses’
Friday 16th September Blackfriars Theatre PE21 6HP # Luke Temple Morning or afternoon sessions available. £4 per child. One free adult place per child but please book a seat! This is suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils. As a child Luke was a reluctant reader and writer, yet today he’s an author. In his sessions Luke uses action-packed drama, laugh-out-loud fun and audience interaction to make reading and writing really exciting for even the most reluctant children. Luke has written The Ghost Island series as well as a wealth of other books.
Various # OTHER EVENTS FOR CHILDREN A number of events over the weekend are designed with children in mind, to spark their interest and stimulate their imagination. These are marked below with a hatch mark # next to the author's name.
Friday 16th September 7pm Blackfriars Theatre PE21 6HP Lisa Hartley Elliot CRIME COMMENCES … Join popular crime writer Lisa Hartley as she talks about where she finds her inspiration, her writing process and what's next for DS Catherine Bishop and Detective Calean.
Friday 16th September 7pm Fydell House PE21 6HT Juliet McKenna (including book signing) MYTH AND MODERN FANTASY FICTION. In her ongoing 'Green Man' series of contemporary fantasy novels, Juliet McKenna blends the ancient myths and folklore of the British Isles with modern rural concerns about jobs, housing, and the uses of the countryside. Dan Mackmain may be fighting supernatural threats, but he also has to pay his rent and avoid clashes with the authorities who wouldn't believe a word he says. Add to that, writers setting books in the present day must decide how to reflect the stress and uncertainty we've all been living through. Juliet discusses how she balances these things to create modern fantasy thrillers, with an opportunity for you to ask your own questions.
Saturday 17th September 10am Fydell House PE21 6HT Philippa East MYSTERY AND THRILLER Philippa East will be in conversation with fellow Lincolnshire author Nell Arthur, discussing her journey to publication, the inspirations behind her psychological suspense novels, her writing routines and the influence of her work as a Clinical Psychologist on her story-telling. This session will include a Q&A from the audience, plus a chance to have your book(s) signed by the author.
Saturday 17th September 10am Fydell House PE21 6HT Barbara Copperthwaite INSPIRED BY A LOVE OF LINCOLNSHIRE. Barbara is the best selling author of the psychological thrillers, Invisible Flowers, Flowers for the Dead, The Perfect Friend and many more. The Girl in the Missing Poster was published in February 2021. Barbara’s writing has been inspired by her love of Lincolnshire, inspiring murder scenes on Skegness beach as well as the mystery of identical twins who disappear 25 years apart. Come and hear Barbara talk about how the local area has influenced her writing.
Saturday 17th September 11.30am Fydell House PE21 6HT Nell Pattison AUTHOR OF THE SILENT CRIME SERIES. Nell Pattison is the author of the Silent crime series, featuring British Sign Language interpreter Paige Northwood, the first of which, The Silent House, was a USA Today bestseller. Her first standalone psychological thriller, Hide, was published in Dec 2021. After studying English at university, Nell Pattison became a teacher and specialised in Deaf education. She has been teaching in the Deaf community for 15 years, working with students who use BSL, and began losing her hearing in her twenties. Come and ask Nell questions about her life and writing. Nell will be available to sign books after her talk.
Saturday 17th September 10.30am Boston Library, County Hall PE21 6DY Helen Gould GETTING STARTED! Fast, fun and furious, this taster workshop encourages new writers especially to engage with writing. It uses small group/pair working and multiple genre “stations”, each with a different source of inspiration so that learners can construct their story as a group, but write it individually. After a short refreshments break, learners will share their stories with the rest of the group, for feedback and encouragement. If you’ve ever fancied trying your hand at writing fiction but don’t know where to start, this workshop is what you need!
Saturday 17th September 11.30am Fydell House PE21 6HT Rex Sly LINCOLNSHIRE THROUGH AND THROUGH. Rex began writing the history of the Fens when he was 60. His books look at working life and the lives of families, delving into the unique history of Fenland life. Come and learn more about the old ways through his infinite knowledge. Listen to Rex’s evocative poems and ask him questions about his books and this unique area of Lincolnshire. Suitable for 12 years to adults.
Saturday 17th September 11.30am Fydell House PE21 6HT # Anstice Brown "WHAT IF?" WORKSHOP. Join Anstice for her "What If?" workshop, aimed at budding writers and fans of fiction who want to try something new. You will explore fractured fairytales, compelling retellings, and modernised myths. Through fun prompts and activities, you will learn how to write stories that defy expectations, blur boundaries and turn tropes on their head. Anstice looks forward to sharing her tips and tricks and answering any questions you have about writing and publishing. Suitable for ages 12 and above. This is in an upstairs room and is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.
Saturday 17th September 11.30am Fydell House PE21 6HT Joy Ellis, Janice Frost, Jasper Joffe PARTNERS IN CRIME. Joy and Janice are delighted to be back at the Boston Book Festival this year, and especially happy to once again be working together for a Question and Answer session. This year they are to be joined by their incredible publisher, Jasper Joffe of Joffe Books, who will answer any publishing related questions. He is a very interesting man indeed, and in Joy’s opinion something of an enigma in the publishing world; totally passionate about books and getting them out to the readers. They will all be happy to answer anything and everything you care to ask about their life in crime, so get your toughest questions ready! By popular request Janice will also be reading a short extract from one of her books – a real treat.
Saturday 17th September 1.00pm Fydell House PE21 6HT Sharon Ihama PREPARE FOR MAGIC....! Fall under the spell when the search for THE EMERALD STONE begins and our world meets The Lord of the Rings. Beyond, fate calls... A session for young adults and the young at heart to hear this riveting story right from the author’s lips. A question and answer session will follow a reading plus the next book in the series, The 13th Prophecy, will be revealed.
Saturday 17th September 1.30pm Fydell House PE21 6HT James Hazel ARE WE REALLY HERE? A conversation with James Hazel about Nazi occultism, strange disorders that make you think you’re dead, human-angel hybrids, inter-dimensional spider-witches and the confusing world within which we live. Not the biggest writer you’ll ever see talk, nor the one with the most awards (none to date), but always enthusiastic, sometimes controversial and occasionally funny. Prepare to be entertained! This session will take place in an upstairs room and is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.
Saturday 17th September 1pm Boston Guildhall PE21 6HT Tracey Borman CROWN AND SCEPTRE In February 2022, Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 70th year on the British throne—her Platinum Jubilee—by far the longest reign of any British monarch. Inspired by this momentous event, Tracy Borman’s latest book, Crown & Sceptre, explores the tumultuous history of the British monarchy. With 1,000 years of royal history from 1066 to the present day, Domesday Book to Magna Carta, the Field of Cloth of Gold to Prince Harry’s wedding, the book tells the real story of this iconic institution. In this illustrated talk, Tracy will introduce some of her favourite monarchs and share a few of the secrets behind the crown’s remarkable survival. Tracy will be available for book signing at the end of her talk.
Saturday 17th September 3pm Fydell House PE21 6HT Nick Louth ENTER NICK"S VIVID IMAGINATION. Bestselling UK crime writer Nick Louth takes you on a journey through his imagination: The inspiration for plot twists, the process of character creation, and the all-important tightening of conflict between characters that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. This is one for aspiring authors as well as keen readers of the genre. Signed copies of his books will be available.
Sunday 18th September 1pm Fydell House PE21 6HT # Hannah Gold ECO-AWARENESS EVENT. Imagine making friends with a polar bear or a grey whale. The recently crowned winner of the Blue Peter Book Award and the Waterstones Children's Book of the Year, Hannah Gold’s novels feature unforgettable adventures which celebrate the love between a child and an animal and show that no one is too young or insignificant to make a difference. In her interactive workshop she tells us how she created the beloved characters, April and Bear, from her international bestseller The Last Bear, and introduces Rio and White Beak from her new novel The Lost Whale. She'll showcase the stunning artwork from award-winning illustrator Levi Pinfold, share real life images which inspired her books, test your knowledge in her wild animals quiz and reveal her top eco-tips so you too can be a planet-saver.
Saturday 17th September 3pm Fydell House PE21 6HT # Rob Johnson A FRIENDLY FERRET TO AID YOUR WRITING! Come and meet Margareta, the inspiration behind Margareta's diary! Help Rob write another short story about her, using nothing but your imagination on the day. Does Margareta escape? Does she make new friends or will she even end up ruling the world! Only you know – this is your story! Admission will be £3 for under 18s, with accompanying adults free, but a donation on the day to Animal Rescue would be appreciated. Rob’s fee will be donated to Donna’s Animal Rescue, a centre he runs with his wife. Suitable for children aged 6 and above. This is in an upstairs room and is sadly not wheelchair accessible
Saturday 17th September 2pm Fydell House PE21 6HT Kate High LOCAL AUTHOR INTERVIEW. Kate lives locally and features the Lincolnshire Wolds in her books. Many of her books have a cat or dog in the title, influenced by the rescued cats and dogs that share her life. Come and learn how Kate became a full-time writer in her sixties and see if she can inspire you to get writing your own book.
Saturday 17th September 3pm Blackfriars Theatre PE21 6HP Elly Griffiths BECOMING ELLY GRIFFITHS. Learn how Elly changed her name and turned to crime! Award winning author Elly also writes under the name Domenica de Rosa but today Elly will discuss what inspired her to change her name, become a crime writer and discover Dr Ruth Galloway. Elly is happy to sign your books after the event.
Saturday 17th September 7.30pm Blackfriars Theatre PE21 6HP The Reverend Richard Coles MURDER BEFORE EVENSONG. A familiar figure in Boston, we are delighted to welcome Richard as our guest for this evening. Reverend Richard Coles has written five books including three memoirs; the best selling Fathomless Riches: Or How I Went From Pop to Pulpits (2014), Bringing in The Sheaves: Wheat and Chaff from My Years as a Priest (2016) and Sunday Times bestseller The Madness of Grief (2021), all published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson. Richard will be talking about his life, his latest book, Murder Before Evensong and inviting your questions.
Sunday 18th September 11am Fydell House PE21 6HT Rosemary Noble HISTORICAL FICTION. An interview with self-published author Rosemary, looking at Lincolnshire’s influence on her writing, how to self-publish as well as a more in depth look at some of her other writing.
Sunday 18th September 10am Fydell House PE21 6HT Richard Mackin WRITING YOUNG ADULT FICTION-WORKSHOP. The workshop will focus on plot, characterisation, themes, and best intentions, as well as a general discussion about the genre and how people see, think and react to it. There will be opportunities to ask local author Richard about his writing.
Sunday 18th September 1pm Fydell House PE21 6HT # Jayne Norman FOR DOG LOVERS. Jayne’s books are written from the perspective of her dog and in ‘dog speak’. Come and hear Jayne read from her 3rd book and introduce her 4th book. An Ideal session for an adult and younger children to share.
Sunday 18th September 11.30am Fydell House PE21 6HT # Edvin Zuckovs YOUNG LIFE. Edvin is a young author from Lincolnshire who, at only 13 years old, published his first book called ‘Young Life. He explores what it is like to be young and the importance of listening to young people’s thoughts and ideas. His motivational speaking will inspire young and old to follow his mantra – Live Your Best Life. This session will take place in an upstairs room and unfortunately is not wheelchair accessible.
Sunday 18th September 10am Fydell House PE21 6HT Claire Ladds DARKER MINDS - CRIME AND SUSPENSE. Join Claire for a session of questions, answers and anecdotes, where you can discover the secrets behind the Darker Minds Crime and Suspense series, why she enjoys writing about villains so much, and what Claire’s books are really about. You’ll also be able to find out how her long-standing obsessions with books and Agatha Christie led her from the path of a pupil at Boston High School, via a meandering, literature-induced road, to becoming an author and creating her own publishing imprint. Claire will give attendees an exclusive sneak peek into her current work-in-progress, reading an extract from her forthcoming book.
Sunday 18th September 11.30am Fydell House PE21 6HT Stephen Wade and Stuart Gibbons. CATCHING A KILLER> A crime historian and a former detective discuss how crime, particularly murder, has evolved over the years and why the crime genre is so popular today. This fascinating talk will include reference to true crimes and local Lincolnshire cases, followed by a question and answer session. Stephen and Stuart will be pleased to sign your books.
Sunday 18th September 2pm Blackfriars Theatre PE21 6HP Sam McAllister Sam McAlister is a former criminal law barrister turned TV producer who spent a decade negotiating, securing and producing exclusive interviews with some of the world's most high profile personalities. Most notably, Sam McAlister led year-long negotiations for the ground breaking interview with HRH Prince Andrew. The first time a senior royal had agreed to such a journalistic interview, and in the midst of an international scandal, it went on to make headlines around the world and have a serious impact on the Royal Family itself. Working in a largely unseen role, Sam McAlister undertakes the delicate negotiations that underpin some of the biggest exclusive interviews in British news. From the initial approaches, through research and up to the filming itself, she builds, manages and maintains relationships with subjects and their representatives whilst all the time retaining journalistic integrity. Sam will be talking about her work and her new book Scoops, a behind the scenes look at the BBCs most shocking interviews. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and get your book signed.
Sunday 18th September 12noon to 5pm Boston Guildhall PE21 6HT # FREE drop-in event An opportunity to meet authors, illustrators, book sellers, publishers, and enjoy all things literary. Come and be inspired by Boston’s talent
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