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Author Anstice Brown

Anstice Brown

Anstice Brown is a sci-fi and fantasy author and blogger born and raised in Boston, where she works as a Literacy Learning Lead at a local secondary school. She has had three short stories published in anthologies (Masquerade: Oddly Suited, Fairytale Dragons and Fall Into Fantasy 2021), and is currently working on a science fantasy novel.  


You can find Anstice raving about books and writing on her blog, and on Facebook or Twitter (@AnsticeBrown). You can also sign up for her email newsletter for news about bookish events, beta-reader opportunities and giveaways. 



Anstice Brown's "What If?" Workshop

Join Anstice for her "What If?" workshop, aimed at budding writers and fans of fiction who want to try something new. You will explore fractured fairytales, compelling retellings, and modernised myths. Through fun prompts and activities, you will learn how to write stories that defy expectations, blur boundaries and turn tropes on their head. Anstice looks forward to sharing her tips and tricks and answering any questions you have about writing and publishing.   


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